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Why You Should Have Simply Marquee Letter Lights at Your Next Event

Okay, folks. Let’s talk about event planning.

Whether you are working with a coordinator, planning with a partner, or doing it solo, it can be an excited-yet-stressful experience. There are so many details and decisions that need to be planned, organized, and executed; the anticipation of it all can leave you feeling overwhelmed! Ultimately, the intended outcome is for your event to run smoothly and beautifully, like a note-worthy composer’s symphony. And it certainly can!

Listen, we’ve been there. We planned our own wedding, with the help of family and our venue’s day-of coordinator, and we understand the hoops and obstacles that you meet along the way. So how does Simply Marquee and our marquee letters fit into this equation? Our mission is to help give our clients a stress-free experience when renting our letter lights, allowing you to make a big, bright statement without going over your budget.

Alright, so, why should you have Simply Marquee’s letter lights at your event?

Our 4-foot tall LED marquee letter lights are an elegant, hassle-free design element that will make your event memorable. They are suitable for an array of styles, whether you are going for rustic, minimalist, or a more posh vibe. Our letter lights make for a beautiful addition to photographs of you and yours, and are a photo-opp for all your guests, as well. Not only do they add a touch of elegance and glamor to the event, but they also serve as a functional and practical way to illuminate a dark space!

Simply Marquee can help you light up your event using the words “LOVE” and “MR & MRS.” Our letters can be illuminated with a classic white bulb or cycle through a variety of colorful effects which are perfect for dance floors, gender reveals, and when a change of mood is needed, or simply to match your color scheme and theme. Our letter lights can also be used in a variety of different settings both inside and outside in order to add the perfect ambience to your special day.

Unlike other decor items, such as flowers and upgraded chairs, our marquee letter lights are a flat fee, with tax and labor included, so there are no hidden costs. We will take care of transport, setup and breakdown behind the scenes, allowing you to enjoy the whirlwind of your big day!

Our marquee letter lights are not just for weddings! They are versatile and can be incorporated into events such as wedding showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, vow renewals, proposals, engagement parties, and gender reveals. For smaller events, marquee letter lights are a great option to add a statement piece without spending your entire budget.

While stress is a normal part of the painstaking event planning process, renting marquee letter lights from Simply Marquee will be a stress free, budget-friendly decision that is sure to add shine to your event and brighten your memories of your special day.

We can’t wait to help you illuminate your future memories!

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