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Simply Marquee for Non-Wedding Events... and EXCITING NEWS!

Here at Simply Marquee, we provide our LOVE and Mr. and/or Mrs. signs for a variety of wedding and wedding-related events. But, what about non-wedding events? I am here to tell you that there are other occasions that warrant our beautiful letter lights! Here are 3 non-wedding types that are suitable for our letters.

1. Anniversary Parties

Celebrating a milestone anniversary and throwing a stellar party to celebrate your LOVE? Either the Mr. & Mrs. (or Mr. & Mr., or Mrs. & Mrs.) or the LOVE letters would be a beautiful addition to your decor. Whether it is a piece that welcomes your guests as they enter your event, or an added eyecatcher at the side of your dance floor, these letters are sure to brighten up your venue. A bonus of having them on the dance floor? Our multi-color letters can be hooked up to your sound system and will change color in sync with your musical selections!

2. Baby-related Events

Don’t you just LOVE babies? If you are throwing a baby shower or a gender reveal, our LOVE letters add a beautiful aesthetic feature to your event. Either our soft white or multi-color, depending on your theme, are excellent options. Our multi-color lights can be set to match the color scheme of your party, while our soft white letters give off a classic, elegant vibe. For gender reveals, our lights can be part of the scenery or used in the reveal itself, as they can light up blue or pink, as well as alternate between the two before the reveal!

3. Pride Events

What’s not to LOVE about LOVE? If you are hosting an LGBTQIA+ event, including our LOVE letters are a fun and colorful way to liven up your space. Whether you choose to have the colors fade from red to purple and everything in between, or have all the lights flashing rainbow colors simultaneously, it is sure to be visually stunning, and portray the message of LOVE for who you are, and whomever you love!

There you have it- weddings aren’t the only events full of LOVE! Then again, our current light rentals may not fit your event’s needs. But… we have EXCITING NEWS! At the end of June, we will be adding NUMBERS to our inventory! Number Marquee Lights are great for graduation parties, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, and New Year’s Eve celebrations!

Stay tuned on our website, Facebook, and Instagram for more information on when our NUMBERS arrive!

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