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Illuminating Moments: What We Learned in 2023 and Why Simply Marquee is the Right Choice for YOU!

In the ever-evolving landscape of wedding and event trends, one element that has stood out and left a lasting impression is the enchanting world we live in and provide: marquee lights. As we reflect on all of the amazing celebrations we were lucky to be a part of in 2023, let's delve into the beauty and impact of incorporating these luminous wonders into any future celebration. We look forward to working with you if you think Simply Marquee can enhance your event or party!

Spellbinding Ambiance:

Marquee lights have become the hallmark of creating a spellbinding ambiance at weddings and events. Whether adorning the venue entrance, framing the altar, or hanging overhead at the reception, these lights emit a warm and romantic glow that transforms any space into a captivating haven. The play of light and shadow adds a touch of magic, setting the stage for a truly enchanting celebration.

Emotional Expressions:

Beyond their luminous allure, marquee lights offer couples and party planners unique and customizable way to express themselves. From symbols that hold special meaning to our Simply Marquee offerings, our marquee lights become a personalized art form. Couples and event managers are using marquee lights to illuminate their love story, mission, and memorable moments creating a visual narrative that resonates with their journey.

Versatility in Design:

One of the standout features of marquee lights is their versatility in design. Whether opting for classic bulb letters or contemporary LED creations, couples and planners have a myriad of options to choose from. This versatility allows marquee lights to seamlessly integrate into any wedding  or event theme, adding a touch of glamour to rustic barn weddings, urban industrial venues, and everything in between. Check out our 2023 gallery to see how we Simply Marquee has helped our clients achieve impactful designs for their events!

Impactful Photo Opportunities:

In the age of social media and the quest for the perfect Instagrammable moment, marquee lights have become a staple for creating impactful photo opportunities. The soft, flattering glow serves as a picturesque backdrop for couples and party-goers, resulting in stunning and memorable photographs. These lights not only elevate the visual appeal of the wedding but also contribute to the creation of cherished memories. They really are the perfect addition to any type of event!

Symbolic Significance:

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, marquee lights hold symbolic significance in weddings and events of accomplishment. The bright illumination represents the enduring light of love and mission, guiding those into the next chapter of life Couples are incorporating marquee lights into their ceremonies as a symbolic gesture, signifying the radiant path they are embarking on, surrounded by the warmth and brightness of their shared commitment.


In the tapestry of wedding and party trends in 2023, marquee lights emerge as a shining star, casting a glow that goes beyond mere illumination. These lights weave together beauty, personalization, versatility, and symbolism, leaving an indelible impact on the celebrations of today. As couples and party planners continue to seek unique ways to express their love and celebratory means, marquee lights stand tall as a luminous testament to the enchantment and magic that weddings and parties bring. Here at Simply Marquee, we look forward to working with you to provide memorable lighting for your future memories!

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