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The 3 Most Underrated, Simple Kitchen Tools

Do you ever have those moments when you find yourself so grateful for the most basic, ordinary things? For me, it’s tools that save me time and energy in the kitchen that give me the most glee. Whether you are looking to add items to a wedding registry or looking for gift giving ideas, these three kitchen tools are worth a look. Oh, and best of all? None of them will break the bank!

I first encountered the magic of kitchen shears (scissors) when I was in my mid-twenties, babysitting. Despite scouring the kitchen drawers, I could NOT find a pizza cutter for the frozen pizza I had cooked for the kids. I tried a knife, but it was cumbersome. I eyed the scissors, thinking it was better than ripping apart the pizza caveman-style. That was when my love for this simple gadget began. It was even a cut above the average pizza cutter, and honestly, I haven’t used a pizza cutter since.

Upon more trial and error, I discovered these babies are great for rough cutting herbs and such (parsley, cilantro, scallions, et al.). For a gal with horrific knife skills, my kitchen shears have saved me some ER trips. As a mom of a toddler, I have also come to realize how handy these are at easily cutting foods into bite size pieces for my little chowhound. From grilled cheese and pancakes to berries and olives, kitchen shears are more efficient and less messy than using a knife.

I am obsessed with these, and that is not an exaggeration. Each time I use them to retrieve an item from our toaster oven, I swear I grin. My good friend even remarked that I was past my peak in life because I was gushing about these (clearly, he has yet to discover them in his own life). Instead of prying bread out of the toaster or toaster oven with metal utensils, oversized tongs, or your fingers, these small, bamboo tongs are the perfect size to remove your English muffin with ease, and without accidental harm. Plus, bamboo is a sustainable material. Oh, and the best part? This particular pair has a magnet, so they can stay right on the toaster or on a nearby magnetic surface!

When we opened these bowls at our wedding shower, I remember our friends had written a message that said, “Now you can mix ALL of the things with ALL of the bowls!” Hey, they weren’t wrong. There are so many reasons to love a set of nesting bowls, particularly glass ones. First off, they provide you with an array of sizes, so you can choose whichever suits your cooking or baking needs. They are microwave-safe and, unlike plastic, glass is nonreactive, which means it will not chemically alter your ingredients in any way. Additionally, the nesting bowls are a huge space saver! As someone with a small kitchen that has very limited cabinet space to house cookware, nesting bowls have been a godsend.

Honestly, I would be so lost without these three tools. As simple as they are, they make daily life a heck-of-a-lot easier when it comes to meal preparation.

What simple or quirky kitchen tools could you not live without? Comment below!

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